Mid-West Pro Mod Series Rules / Regulations

Safety Rules:
We will run full rules for safety and post later but nothing you aren't use to!

960 cubic inch limit
5.3" Bore Space max 2400 pound minimum
5.2" Bore Space max 2300 pound
5.0" Bore Space max 2200 pound
880 Cubic Rule -50lbs

no overdrive limit
5.0" bore space max
2450 pound minimum (note this will be watched close FYI)

Can weight 2400lbs but can only turn 75% overdrive (This will be watched closely).
Nitro... if you are running NITRO you have to add 200lbs to any combination.
Big Block 5.0 bore space max
98% overdrive max 2500 pounds minimum
128% overdrive max 2650 pounds minimum
Small Block 4.5 bore space max
2450 pounds minimum

5.0 bore space max
2300 pounds

5.0" bore space max
88 mm max 2450 pound minimum
(+50 pounds for 94 mm)
(+100 pounds for 98 mm and larger)

Single Turbo Weight Rule:
Big Block - max 2350 pound minimum
Small Block -max 2200 pound minimum

Twin Turbo Weight Rule:
Small Block - 2350 pounds


Mid-West Outlaw Radial Series Rules / Regulations

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