Mid-West Pro Mod Series Rules / Regulations / Payouts

Safety Rules:
We will run full rules for safety and post later but nothing you aren't use to!

960 cubic inch limit
5.3" Bore Space max 2400 pound minimum (note 25lbs more)
5.2" Bore Space max 2300 pound
5.0" Bore Space max 2200 pound

no overdrive limit
5.0" bore space max
2450 pound minimum (note this will be watched close FYI)

Can weight 2400lbs but can only turn 75% overdrive (This will be watched closely).
Nitro... if you are running NITRO you have to add 200lbs to any combination.
Big Block 5.0 bore space max
98% overdrive max 2500 pounds minimum (note was 92% now 98%)
128% overdrive max 2650 pounds minimum (note 128 max)
Small Block 4.5 bore space max
2450 pounds minimum

5.0 bore space max
2300 pounds (note lowered)

5.0" bore space max
88 mm max 2450 pound minimum
(+50 pounds for 94 mm)
(+100 pounds for 98 mm and larger)

Pay-Outs - Entry Fees:
Entry $400
Winner $10,000
Runner Up $3000
Semis $500
Quarters $200

16 Car field 1st round losers can buy back into the Slammer Class.
Non-Qualifiers can buy back into a new race Slammer Class which is a full run field and everyone is drawed for pairing for 1st round. The 1st round losers in the Top 16 can buy back into the Slammer Class after their 1st round and again this is a draw who you run class.

Pay-Outs - Entry Fees:
Must have 16 or more for full payout if not its 100% payback of what's put in!
Entry $250
Winner $3000
Runner Up $1000
Semis $500

Points are awarded as follows:
25 Points Show up Points With Paid Entry
20 Points per round Win
10 extra points event winner
Qualifying position earns points as follows:
(3 rounds qualifying)
#1 qualifier: 16 points
#2 qualifier: 15 points
#3 qualifier: 14 points
#4 qualifier: 13 points
#5 qualifier: 12 points
#6 qualifier: 11 points
#7 qualifier: 10 points
#8 qualifier: 9 points
#9 qualifier: 8 points
#10 qualifier: 7 points
#11 qualifier: 6 points
#12 qualifier: 5 points
#13 qualifier: 4 points
#14 qualifier: 3 points
#15 qualifier: 2 points
#16 qualifier: 1 point

Slammer Class
5 Points per round win
Winner 3 extra points (example winner would get 8pts 5 for rd win 3 for winning class)

Tie Breaker:
In the unlikely event a tie should occur, the following procedure would be used to determine a winner.
1) Most event wins.
2) Most event runner-ups.
3) Most number of events entered.
4) Most event round wins.

Should a tie still exist after the above procedures are implemented, the tied competitors will be declared co-champions and all awards
(where possible) will be shared equally between the co-champions.

Points Champion:
Will receive a Custom Jacket, Hat & Ring plus $2500

Jordan Grunwald is NHRA Certifed and in the event a issue comes up he will get with board!

Live Feed (BangShift.com Chad Reynolds):
All racers will be expected to give interviews in pits and can speak as FREE are you want nothing will be deleted! Chad will make you talk trash on someone :-)!

Membership fee & Drag Illustrated:
$75 membership fee to support Drag Illustrated (paid to them) so they will make space for every event in the Magazine, Live Facebook Show and help cost of them coming to event!
This will also get you a 12 month subscription to the Magazine.

Marketing Partners Opportunities:
We have secured 12 sponsors which helps pay the purse so please support them and if you would like to help Call Keith Haney 918-260-6565.

We DON'T make any money at any event we hope this helps the tracks and

Rules Board:
This is consist of 5 and 2 outsider.

Track Prep:
This is on the track and we as racers and tuners have to race what they have given us NO BITCHING the tracks run the race!


(Points based on best 4 finishes of 5 events)
10 points for entering and successfully passing tech
10 points for each round entered
10 points for winning event
No. 1 / 10 points
No. 2 / 9 points
No. 3 / 8 points
No. 4 / 7 points
No. 5 / 6 points
No. 6-7 / 5 points
No. 8-9 / 4 points
No. 10-11 / 3 points
No. 12-13 / 2 points
No. 14-16 / 1 point
*All points are awarded to the Driver and/or Team and cannot be transferred under any circumstances 
* If 2 or more Drivers/Team end up in a tie, tie will be broken with most wins, runner-ups, Etc..

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