Tommy Cunningham

Hometown: Murray, Kentucky


Engine: Blower

Best ET / MPH: TBD

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Cunningham Machine
Mike Bradley / Team Kryptonite

Hometown: Rogersville, Missouri

1969 Camaro / Barry Maddux Fab

Engine: Steve Morris twin turbo 572 C.I.

Best ET / MPH: TBD

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Barry Maddux, Kevin Maddux and Joe Carter
Steve Morris Engines, M&M Transmissions, Kryptonite Kustomz
George Marks / Marks Motorsports

Hometown: Bourbon

C5 Corvette

Engine: Snyderized BAE with Comsync

Best ET / MPH: TBD

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Performance CNC LLC, Mick and Larry Snyder at Snyder Motorsports.
They are a huge help and influence on our team.
Todd Martin

Hometown: Nichols Hills, OK

1968 Mustang by Garret Race Cars

Engine: 526 HEMI

Best ET / MPH: 3.53 @ 219 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Trick Titanium, Aeromotive Fuel Pumps, Brand Machine,
Kryptonite Kustomz, Manton Pushrods, Pesz Power, Weisco Pistons
Craig Sullivan / Extreme Oil / LJRC

Hometown: Avon, IN

The Bad Bus

Engine: Hemi

Best ET / MPH: -----
Bob Storie / Storie Racing

Hometown: Newalla, OK

1963 Split Window Chevy Corvette

Engine: 540 Roots

Best ET / MPH: 4.06 @ 181 mph
Kevin Maddux / Blue Crew

Hometown: Nixa, MO

1963 Chevy Corvette

Engine: BAE Roots Blown

Best ET / MPH: 3.85 @ 193 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Ridewell Suspensions, Precision Metal-Tech / MDX Race Products
SLM Motorsports, Rage Fuel Systems, Eco Solutions, Wyoming Sauce Company, Atriarc Investments
The Maniac "EJ Hickl" / Crimeboss

Hometown: Sweeny, TX

1941 Willy's

Engine: Hemi

Best ET / MPH: 3.80 @ 196 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Bengy Lapp, My wife Kimberly and son Slade
Kurt Riffel / Riffel Motorsports

Hometown: Kansas

1963 Chevy Corvette

540 BBC , ProCharger F3R

Best ET / MPH: N/A

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
ProCharger, Mickey Thompson, Neal Chance racing converters, Buffco, Flip O Matic , Kryptonite Kustoms, Billet Atomizers, Wichita Dyno, Stan Williams, Holley, Redline Motorsports,  Matt Bell , Davis Traction  Control, Fuel Tech,  Riffel Motorsports
Wayne Roberts / WR Motorsports

Hometown: Valley Center, KS

2010 Jeffers Corvette

Engine: 526 Hemi w/ Whipple

Best ET / MPH: 3.92 @ 189 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
WR Motorsports, Andrew Roberts, Allen Grimm, Jeb Simpson,
Laura Roberts, Tamara Roberts
Jim Widener / Widener / Bischoff Racing

Hometown: Batesville, IN

2017 Chevy Corvette C7

Engine: 856 cu. in. Hemi / Nitrous

Best ET / MPH: 3.91 @ 192 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Holley EFI, Ross Pistons, Victory Valves,
PSP Springs, Chris Duncan Race Cars, Induction Solutions
Jonas Aleshire / Chris Duncan Race Cars

Hometown: Manito, IL

2006 ZO6 Corvette

Engine: 521 cu. in. BAE Hemi

Best ET / MPH: 3.77 @ 200 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Chris Duncan Race Cars
Ted Ogal - Snap-on Tools
"El' Jeffe" Cummins / Cummins Motorsports

Hometown: Cypress, Texas

'67 Shelby GT 500

Engine: 872 cu. in.

Best ET / MPH: 3.79 @ 198 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
New Tech Global
Telge Mechanical
Cummins Motorsports
Jon Stouffer / Stouffer Racing

Hometown: Neosho, MO

'71 HEMI 'Cuda

Engine: BAE Hemi

Best ET / MPH: 3.59 @ 209.50 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
GTC Broadband, Starting Line Motorsports
Cody Barklage, Joseph Pickle & John Goade
Craig Sullivan / Craig Sullivan Motorsports

Hometown: Avon, IN

'69 Superbird

Engine: 526 AJ

Best ET / MPH: 3.93 @ 185 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Mickey Thompson Tires, LAT Oils, VED
Renegade Fuels
Keith Haney / Keith Haney Racing

Hometown: Broken Arrow, OK


Engine: Reher-Mossison 959 cu. in.

Best ET / MPH: 3.73 @ 203.37 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:

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Keith Haney / Keith Haney Racing

Hometown: Broken Arrow, OK


Engine: Reher-Mossison 959 cu. in.

Best ET / MPH: 3.81 @ 198 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:

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Eddie Rogers / Team MoJo Racing

Details / Info. Coming Soon...
Jim Sackuvich / Sackuvich Motorsports

Hometown: Raymore, MO

1969 Jerry Bickel Chevy Camaro SS

Engine: 959 Musi w/ Nitrous

Best ET / MPH: 3.72 @ 203 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks: Lucas Oil Products,
Flying A Motorsports. Nitrous Outlet, Jerry Bickel Racecars
Pat Musi Racing Engines, CoolShirt Systems
Ron Muenks / Dave's RV Purple Gorilla Racing

Hometown: Strafford, MO

The Purple Gorilla

Engine: 959 Reher-Morrison

Best ET / MPH: 3.70 @ 202 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Dave's Claremore RV, FuelTech, Jerry Bickel Race Cars,
Reher-Morrison, M&M Transmissions, Atomizer Injectors,
Nitrous Outlet, Racers for Christ, Amsoil, Kinetic Engineering,
Neil Chance Converters, Kryptonite Kustomz, Hoosier Tires, Mark Williams
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