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  MWPMS brings to you the Elite Motorsports LLC Elite 16 $50K

Date & Location:
November 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Texas Motorplex Ennis TX
7500 US-287, Ennis, TX 75119
(972) 878-2641

Race Director & Tech
David Cook

Track Prep:
Tyler Crosnoe

Announcers & Main Media
Al Tucci (The Legend)
Chad Reynolds (BangShift.com)
Bryan McTaggart (BangShift.com)
Jimmy Biggs (Biggs TV)
Ellen Eschenbacher (E3xtreme.com)
Damon Steinke (E3xtreme.com)

Live Feed:
Bangshift.com will provide FREE LIVE FEED and when were aren't racing we will have in pit interviews with racers and tuners. This is where we will spotlight all the action in pits and most of all the racers sponsors.

Elite Motorsports Elite 16 Pro-Mod Entry's
Limited to the first 50 entry's (subject to change by demand)
Pre-Entry $500.00 (closes after the
MWPMS Pro Mod Racer with 4 or more races contested $1500.00
(promo code only)
Non-MWPMS Racer with less than 4 races contested $2500.00
(Plus online CC fee)

$50,000 Winner Takes All
Jerry Bickel Race Cars Gives A Second Chance (full run field)
$15,000 Winner Takes All

$500 to the best back up guy or gal during the event!
Jim Phillips Collision Center will pay $1000 CASH to the first racers to run 3.700 during the race.

Summit Top Sportsman Show-Down Entry:
Limited to the first 50 entry's (subject to change by demand)
32 Car field
Pre-Entry $250.00
Full Entry $500.00
(Plus online CC fee)

$5500 Winner
$2500 Runner-Up
$1000 Semis
$500 Quarters

Each entry comes with Driver, Car, 4 Crew, 1 golf cart or tow vehicle, 2 parking passes, lunch Friday & Saturday and any racers kids under 16 (free) all others will be considered VIP and will be $200.

NOTE: Any (golf cart or vehicle) additional pit parking passes will be $100 per vehicle.

ALL tickets will be VIP at $200 Includes (only 500 sold not including racers and family):

1. Championís Club access (full bar, bathroom, AC and TV we can tie the live feed)

2. Full access to starting line area

3. VIP Parking Pass

4. Lunch Friday and Saturday

5. Lanyard

Spectators or Racers that want to camp inside:

$100 no electric hook-up pit side
$200 electric hook-up spectator side

Note to all Racers and Spectators:

1. Parking for Racers & VIP Ticket holders will begin Monday October 29 for those that want to come early.

2. We will have concession stand and merchandise trailer around tower/starting line so VIP & Racers can hang out.

3. This isn't a points race for the Mid-West Pro Mod Series and is its own race and only uses MWPMS Rules.

4. MWPMS Class Rules are subject to change for this event ONLY and will be posted no later than September 1st (Roots is the only one being reviewed at this time)

5. Testing Thursday 10am-4pm for $150.00

6. We will have 2 qualifiers Thursday night 6pm & 8pm (all classes), 6 qualifiers Friday starting at 11am, Saturday morning at 10am we race

7. There will be no refunds for pre-entry's or at the gate!

8. Tickets (if not sold out) & additional parking can be bought at the gate during event

9. If the event is rained out before starting you will get 100% entry back if we run 2 qualifiers or more and it rains out you will get 80% entry back!

10. If paid in full and you sell/wreck etc your car you will get your money credited to the following $50k Event in 2019

11. All entry's MUST be paid by October 15th after that you wonít be able to enter the race.

12. Sponsorship's depending on level could receive one free entry for either class please contact Keith Haney for details.

13. Media will be limited for access you will need to email keithhaneyracing@gmail.c​om

14. Pro-Mod & Top Sportsman are limited to 50 total entry's so get your sport today!
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