San Antonio Raceway
Racer Schedule

September 22

BIG TIRE ONLY Testing 2pm-6pm $150.00
Mid-West Pro Mod Series, Top Shop, Performance HQ Roll Race,
plus Race Your Ride
6pm- Gates open/Tech Opens
7pm- MWPMS First Qualifier, Race Your Ride to start immediately after
8:30pm- Top Shop, Performance HQ qualifier
9pm- MWPMS Second Qualifier Right after we will have top shop,
performance HQ first round
9:30pm- top shop, performance hq second round
10pm- top shop, performance hq third round
10:30pm- top shop, performance hq finals
11:30pm- final call to the lanes
12am- lanes are closed/track closes

September 23
Night of Fire, Mid-West Pro Mod Series
6pm- Gates open/Tech Opens
6:30pm- MWPMS Third qualifier
7pm- Fuel Altered's, Southwest Super Chargers first qualifier
7:30pm- MWPMS first round
8pm-Fuel Altered's, southwest super chargers second qualifier
8:30pm- MWPMS second round, first round in MWPMS Slammer class,
first run for jet trains
9pm- fuel altered's, southwest super chargers first round
9:30pm- MWPMS third round, second round in MWPMS Slammer class
10pm- fuel altered's, southwest super chargers second round
10:30pm- MWPMS final, third round MWPMS Slammers, second
run for the jet trains
11pm- fuel altered's, southwest super chargers third round
11:30pm- pro mod slammer final, fuel altered/southwest super charger final
12pm- track closes - Race Track Website