New MWPMS Messaging Service Takes Racer Communications to Next Level
TULSA, OK (Dec. 7, 2017) – To better inform its racers, sponsors and fans, the Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS) has introduced a new, live text, voice and e-mail service. An opt-in form is available now at

“Effective immediately, anyone who wants to know the absolute latest on anything to do with the Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series needs to go visit our Web site and sign up now. We’re taking racer communications to the next level, giving practically instantaneous MWPMS information about scheduling, sponsor offers, rule changes and anything else that affects our racers and teams going forward,” MWPMS organizer and promoter Keith Haney said.

“This is something new, something no other drag race sanctioning body is doing, and something I think will greatly enhance everyone’s understanding of what we’re working on through the off season and then what’s going on at the track once our 2018 schedule opens next March at the brand-new Xtreme Motorsports Park in Trumbull, Texas.”     

In addition to MWPMS phone-based messaging, Haney confirmed all traditional online and social media platforms will remain intact and updated for the Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series. Once the 2018 MWPMS season gets underway, however, the new text, voice and e-mail service will become even more active, informing racers and fans with immediate event schedule changes if inclement weather or track prep issues pop up, in addition to informing them of any sponsor or track promotions as each event progresses.

As a competitor in two MWPMS classes with a pair of nearly identical-appearing 2016 Camaros, Haney understands very well the demands of the race track environment. Teams often get so busy preparing their cars they sometimes miss public-address announcements and don’t have time to look things up. He said the intent of the new messaging service is simply to provide quick, easy access to information for all MWPMS participants.

“This packages all the most important, up-to-date info in short, easy-to-read texts or e-mails, or sometimes voice messages, sent right to their phone, so no one has to go look up Facebook or go to our Web site or anywhere else online to try and figure out what’s going on,” Haney stressed. “They’ll get what they need to know delivered straight to their pocket, which should reduce confusion at the track and mean less distraction from the very important tasks associated with going racing. I think this is going to be very well received and appreciated by our racers and I’m looking forward to them seeing it in action.”     

The Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series is an all-eighth-mile, no-profit organization that typically competes during each host track’s biggest event of the year. Its appearance is entirely funded by sponsorships passed along to benefit the host tracks (typically about $10,000). The Mid-West Pro Mod Series also provides trackside sponsor banners to be displayed at each event, on-site PA sponsor announcements, and links to each company on the MWPMS website (, plus an extensive social-media presence, texts and e-mail blasts, and commercials during all events. Complete class rules are posted on the MWPMS website.